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The Davis Dyslexia Programme

The Davis Dyslexia Programme resolves perceptual problems whilst improving reading comprehension, fluency and certainty. This programme is for anyone, aged 8 and older, with difficulties in reading, writing and other academic skills.

The Davis Dyslexia Programme is also recommended for many learners with dyspraxia.

Key components are:

  • Davis Orientation Counselling – for relaxed focus and accurate perception

  • Davis Symbol Mastery – creative exercises that resolve confusion around textual symbols and written words

  • Davis Reading Exercises produce a fluent and relaxed reading style; especially recommended for readers who do not respond to phonic methods

  • Balance and catching exercises reinforce mental focus and spatial coordination.

“Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If ?”

“I don’t understand it,” the mother of a dyslexic boy once told me, “He can read ‘tyrannosaurus’ with no problem – but he gets stuck on ‘if’!”

Frequently, dyslexic readers will stumble on small and common words such as “if”, “as”, “was”, “but”, “there”, etc. This seems puzzling – if the words are so small and so common, why do they create more problems than some longer words?

Well, dyslexic thinkers learn with and through their imagination and are often good at visualisation. A word such as “tyrannosaurus”, “elephant” or “action” is not difficult to imagine. But how do you visualise the meaning of “if”?

In the Davis Dyslexia Programme, these small abstract words are brought to life in plasticine through a creative process called Davis Symbol Mastery.

Other Programmes available are:

The Davis Attention Mastery Programme
The Davis Maths Mastery Programme
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