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Davis Maths Mastery

Some imaginative and creative individuals find it difficult to do maths.

The sequential thinking required to be good at maths – a subject in which there is always one right answer – does not always come easily to artistic, lateral or explorative thinkers.

Many traditional approaches to maths require a great deal of memorisation of data such as times tables, without their necessarily having been understood.

Frequently, difficulty with maths (dyscalculia) is accompanied with issues around telling the time, managing time, and/or personal organisation.

Davis Maths Mastery is a programme that enables creative thinkers to utilise their imaginative strengths to master maths.

First, the concepts that underlie mathematical understanding are created in plasticine, creating a sound foundation for building mathematical skill and accuracy.

Then, a series of hands-on exercises lead quickly to understanding, competence and certainty in the basic arithmetical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Other areas of maths can be addressed as needed.

Why memorise maths? Far better to make it memor-able!
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