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The Davis Methods

Unlocking The Gift of Dyslexia

The Davis Methods are renowned worldwide and are available in around 40 countries and 30 languages. They were developed by internationally best-selling author Ronald Davis, who discovered how to resolve his own dyslexia. His methods evolved over the years into three Davis Programmes – Davis Dyslexia Correction, Davis Maths Mastery, and Davis Attention Mastery.

How The Davis Methods Work

Most dyslexics are primarily picture thinkers and tend to develop strong imaginations and spatial reasoning. Naturally curious, they tend to learn well through exploration that leads to discoveries about why something is true. However, when learning is memor-ised rather than memor-able, dyslexic learners struggle.

The Davis approach

The Davis methods utilise a wide variety of techniques designed to make learning easy for creative thinkers:

Davis Orientation Counselling Procedures

are a series of “mind tools” that help a person to eliminate stress, manage energy levels, and switch off the perceptual distortions that cause mistakes.

Davis Symbol Mastery

is a series of creative techniques, based around plasticine clay, for eliminating confusion around written symbols and words.

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Davis Concept Mastery,

likewise based around plasticine, enables people with challenges around attention focus, maths, time management and/or personal organisation to master the “route map” that is needed to make sense of how the physical universe operates in these areas.

Balance and throwing/catching

exercises reinforce both mental focus and spatial perception.

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Davis Reading Exercises

foster reading habits that make it relaxed and effortless; especially recommended for learners who do not respond to phonic-based instruction.

Davis Maths Function Exercises

are a series of experiential exercises that deliver conceptual understanding, certainty and accuracy in arithmetical calculations.

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