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Richard Whitehead has been a Davis Programme Facilitator since 2002. He is a Davis Dyslexia Programme Specialist and Workshop Presenter, and a Davis Autism Approach Facilitator, Coach and Workshop Presenter. Having been a classroom teacher for several years, he originally discovered the Davis methods when looking for a solution for the son of some friends.

His extensive background in education includes time spent teaching in both the adult and mainstream secondary educational sectors. Richard has a keen interest in holistic approaches to health and learning; alongside his dyslexia work, he has run workshops on effective parent/child communication based on the work of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

Richard has lectured and presented on the Davis learning methods in countries and cultures as diverse as the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, India, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

Richard's original university education was as a linguist, and he speaks several European languages. Alongside Richard's work with the Davis methods, he is also a Patoss-accredited Specialist Teacher Assessor, specialising in multilingual SpLD assessments for non-native speakers of English in the UK.

Richard is author of the book Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If ? and of an accompanying fifteen-part e-mentoring course for teachers of struggling learners. He has written articles on the dyslexic learning style for publications as diverse as Literacy Today, Green Parent Magazine and Personnel Today magazine and has recorded video presentations on dyslexia for the Dystalk project.

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Margarita Whitehead in April 2018, following a short and unexpected illness.


Margarita became a licensed Davis Programme Facilitator in 2004. She worked with both children and adults but had a particular affinity for younger learners. She provided Davis Programmes in both English and Russian in the UK (Blueberry Centre, Malvern) and in Estonia (Perlego Center, Tallinn).

If you are a former client of Margarita's and require some follow-up support, Richard Whitehead will be pleased to help. Just drop us a line to discuss your needs.

Gifts for Dyslexia (G4D) are a small charity which distributes bursaries to people on low incomes who are in need of a Davis Dyslexia Programme. G4D are in the process of establishing a Margarita Whitehead Scholarship. To find out more, or to donate to the scholarship fund, contact G4D.

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